Privacy Policy


This website is a community based website and are for the use of your own personal gain.  Your detail collected are for the use of this website only and will under no circumstances be distributed to any third parties.  Your privacy is important to us and therefore you can be assured that all your detail submitted to us in whatever format it may be, is safely kept for our own use for this website or as a medium of communication with you, our user. If you feel that your privacy is in any way compromised, please contact us immediately so that we can investigate the matter and resolve your query as soon as possible.  
Access to the website:

Access to some services offered on this website can only be done by means of a subscription.  The reason for this is to protect us and you, our user, from fraudulent users or those who which to damage the image of our Lord.  By giving access to some of our services only by a subscription, we can monitor the usage of the website and who access it.  We can at any stage ban a specific IP address or user if we feel the need to do so.  Subscription is however free and once subscribed, you will be allowed to make use of all services offered. You may also unsubscribe at any given time.

Non profit organization:

This website is part of the Jesus to my Rescue Ministries non-profit company and therefore we do not allow any financial transactions on our site. The only paid service offered is by means of donations, of which are done via PayFast secure payment services and directly from their website.  

Form submissions:

By completing and submitting any of the forms on this website you give us permission to receive the detail you submit and subsequently use it for the purpose indicated on the form.  Your detail will be used for our and your use only. If you submit a story to us, may it be an article, inspirational or miracle story, then you give us permission to use this content on our website, making it freely available for everyone to read and comment on. Once such an article/e-book or story is published, it will remain on our website as per your original permission given to us.

Rules on getting banned:

If you would for whatever reason submit forms or complete any detail on our website that contains vulgar language, political views, certain religious views, rude comments or any other form of use that we feel is not meant in good fashion, we will without notice remove your comments from the website and will ban you as a user.  

Using our website:

By using our website you agree that you do so at your own risk and and its owners, our advertisers or any of our users cannot and will not be help liable for any damages, leakage of user information or anything else that may occur or happen due to you making use of our website and services.  If you feel that any content on this website is in direct conflict with our Terms of Use or if you feel in any way offended by any content or comments, please contact us from the Contact Us page and will investigate the matter in full.  

Policy updated on 21 April 2020